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A Lethal Weapon Too?

The first of the five books I published ‘Apple?’ in 2011. An experiment in self-publishing on Kindle, it is a challenging read, but lots of fun. It is complex and ranges widely over literature, history and music.

It challenges the reader to do something about our attitudes to sex.

It’s cheap on Amazon – writers need to learn about the mystic magic world of self Publishing. It needs a restructure. I’ll move to the more laconic title, I think.

What do you think?

Lethal W T 2019 front

Yes this is eBook only, but it also looks good on PC, Mac, iPhone etc.

This is the original blurb:

What if the designers of Dynamite, Nuclear Fission and the Penis turned up at
Grumpy Men’s Breakfast.

Kevan Pooler has cast a character for our time. Kenneth Griffin is a victim of Budget cuts.
Intrigued by the mystical Eli, Kenneth does not discover the real meaning of Eli’s message until it’s too late. He’s been in Africa with the eternal optimist Youth Worker Dougal, using Circus Skills as therapy to rehabilitate Boy Soldiers.
He can’t stand the heat … then it dawns on him that he’s not so different from a Janjaweed Militiaman.

Kevan Pooler wonders what men have learnt from Adam’s fall. He has taken on the risky challenge of cajoling men to explore their attitudes to their sex drive in a light-hearted way – and succeeded.

Does Eve want to share the Apple?

Entwining the two strands of his exploration – Grumpy Men’s Breakfast and Africa – with  three good ideas turned bad – dynamite, nuclear power and the penis – some clowning and a soundtrack of fifty years of classic rock music, Pooler draws us in with wide ranging attitudes to sex in the twenty first century.

Influenced in equal measure by the piss-up of Plato’s ‘Symposium’, the campaigning humour of Indrah Sinha’s Booker shortlisted ‘Animal’s People’, and the mystery of the ‘Book of Genesis’, Kevan Pooler appeals on many levels and after a real kick below the belt, readers can’t fail to be moved by the conclusion of “Apple?”

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