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Cameron’s a Joke about Trotskyites

He is so funny – not Ha Ha – the other sort. They say that ‘Patriotism is the last resort of the Scoundrel’, but l have found that the cry of “Trotskyite” is the last resort of Conservatives, frustrated by anyone suggesting “the people” may have a view. The Conservatives made a bogey man of …

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Unpaid Work Experience Programme a “Modern form of Slavery?”

Is the Unpaid Work Experience Programme a “Modern form of Slavery?” This Question was put to the Panel of “Question Time” last night. The BBC itself says “Minister stumped over back-to-work.” None of the panel seemed to notice that not only is it Voluntary – it is – but it is also Paid. £50 …

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Youth of Today – how the Iron Lady spoilt it for them

In the early 90s, one of Maggie’s henchmen voiced the realisation dawning on the cabinet that the “Enterprise Culture” may have a lethal flaw: it kills society. Writing in the Times Education Supplement – in the dead month of August, when unfortunately few Teachers would see the free staff room copy – the cabinet member …

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The Iron Lady – my Nemesis?

Philip Roth’s was Polio, or Polio did for his hero in ‘Nemesis’. Having just read it, and now reading about Sherlock Holmes’ Moriarty, brought me to thinking of my Nemesis: The Iron Lady honestly, really, nearly ‘did’ for me. I quake at the idea of going to see “The Iron Lady”. Meryl Streep has long …

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The ‘undred pound ‘ooligan

“We’ve got the first ‘undred pound ‘ooligan, Kevan, do you know that?” Our friendly local Bobby and Management Committee member was proud of the milestone we passed at Potter’s Bar Youth Centre in 1971. “How come, Peter?” I asked. I could guess who it was, but didn’t know about this incident away from the Youth …

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2025 News Flash: No Antibiotics for the Promiscuous.

A STORY: Daily Planet October 7th 2015 Back-bencher Quentin Parkington was pleased his Private Member’s Bill to make people pay for treatment for ‘self-inflicted’ injury was to get a second reading. He told the Daily Planet: “Those of us who uphold Family Values are fed up with paying for the promiscuity of hundreds of thousands …

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It’s the Genes, Stupid!

Woman’s Hour and sterility. 9th Feb 2012 In 1970, my Dad didn’t want me to wear jeans ‘because they cause sterility’. He had read a theory that heating up the testicles caused sterility and a taste for tight jeans could be a time bomb. He didn’t take into account that I was a hippie and …

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Crossed Legs strike worked

17th Oct 2011 Of all people, two male Colombian Judges suggested to the women of Barbacoas that they might motivate their menfolk to swing into action if they had a sex strike. The Colombian women’s  “crossed legs” strike of sexual abstinence was aimed at getting a road to their isolated town paved, after officials pledged …

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Vetted, not Barred

 ‘Vetted, not Barred’ 2013 work in Progress Published as A post Soham psychological thriller set in a Youth Service. ‘It’s not the CRB/DBS that protects, it’s people.’ And who guards the guardians? Available here in Paperback and Kindle  

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