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Creative Writer on The Meaning of Life and the Sex that started it.

It’s the Genes, Stupid!

Woman’s Hour and sterility. 9th Feb 2012

In 1970, my Dad didn’t want me to wear jeans ‘because they cause sterility’. He had read a theory that heating up the testicles caused sterility and a taste for tight jeans could be a time bomb. He didn’t take into account that I was a hippie and wore flares.

In the years since I heard that, despite the revolution of the famous decade before my Dad’s discovery, it was found that one-in-blah couples who came for support for their inability to conceive, had not even had sexual intercourse.

Woman’s hour now has a rough calculation that men’s low/poor sperm count can account for about a third of infertility rates.

It’s the Jeans, Stupid!

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