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Category Archives: ‘Barred?’ Who Guards the Guardians?

Book review: Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer

Nathan Filer’s character in “The Shock of the fall” loves his Nanny Noo. I was reading this during the time poor Robin Williams’ mind was disturbed, thinking of “Nanoo Nanoo” every time she was mentioned. My thinking didn’t save him. Maybe he didn’t need saving – except for us. Commentators claimed they were so shocked. …

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Still not there…

The characters in “Vetted, not Barred” in 2010 were caught up in the maelstrom of activity and panic to Safeguard Children, well after the Soham murders. They felt completely tied up with red-tape. The notorious element was people having maybe five  CRB checks, or more. The ISA was promoted as getting rid of this – …

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Cameron’s a Joke about Trotskyites

He is so funny – not Ha Ha – the other sort. They say that ‘Patriotism is the last resort of the Scoundrel’, but l have found that the cry of “Trotskyite” is the last resort of Conservatives, frustrated by anyone suggesting “the people” may have a view. The Conservatives made a bogey man of …

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Unpaid Work Experience Programme a “Modern form of Slavery?”

Is the Unpaid Work Experience Programme a “Modern form of Slavery?” This Question was put to the Panel of “Question Time” last night. The BBC itself says “Minister stumped over back-to-work.” None of the panel seemed to notice that not only is it Voluntary – it is – but it is also Paid. £50 …

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Vetted, not Barred

 ‘Vetted, not Barred’ 2013 work in Progress Published as A post Soham psychological thriller set in a Youth Service. ‘It’s not the CRB/DBS that protects, it’s people.’ And who guards the guardians? Available here in Paperback and Kindle  

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