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Still not there…

The characters in “Vetted, not Barred” in 2010 were caught up in the maelstrom of activity and panic to Safeguard Children, well after the Soham murders. They felt completely tied up with red-tape. The notorious element was people having maybe five  CRB checks, or more. The ISA was promoted as getting rid of this – of having a “Portable CRB”. It didn’t and still won’t have by the look of these weasil words:

“Early in 2013
We are currently working to develop and deliver a new Update Service with a proposed implementation date of early 2013. The Update Service will allow individuals (if they choose to subscribe to it, and pay a small fee) to apply for a criminal record check once and then, if they need a similar sort of check again, to reuse their existing certificate, with their organisation checking online to see if it is still up to date. This will avoid many unnecessary repeat applications. More information will be made available about this new service – in the mean-time, it is business as usual.” (Home Office)

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