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Cameron’s a Joke about Trotskyites

He is so funny – not Ha Ha – the other sort.

They say that ‘Patriotism is the last resort of the Scoundrel’, but l have found that the cry of “Trotskyite” is the last resort of Conservatives, frustrated by anyone suggesting “the people” may have a view.

The Conservatives made a bogey man of the Communist, and over a hundred years since the term Trotskyite was coined, Cameron seeks to scare the those wavering just right of centre, back into the far-right line, by trotting it out again.

In “Vetted, not Barred” (currently a work in progress), I have a character nick-named Leo, after his Trotskyist leanings. For me and for my characters who do this, we are using “Trotskyite” as a Joke – he’s not scaring us. Cameron endorses my book!

Cameron is also a joke. He knows what he’s doing, but he surely doesn’t know what he is saying by criticising critics of the scheme, and saying it was time to “stand up against the Trotskyites of the Right to Work campaign”.

Is that another tautology – “Right to work”?  We surely do have a right to work – get on with it. However, we also have a right to volunteer our services for free; we have a right within a paid activity like JSA, to opt for doing something for it.

The “Right to Work” campaign is surely saying there is a right to paid work, or to put it another way – we have a right to a paid job. If we agree to this, it will mean that everyone who is paid by the state, including benefits, is compelled to do something for it.

Is that Trotskyism or Conservatism?

[In a caring society, its young people surely have a right to work experience and to be able to afford to live independently. It is a job in itself supporting volunteers and in readying young people for the world of work.

Businesses do not do anything for nothing. Giving young people work experience, enables them to train someone up for shelf-stacking for free, assessing them and employing them if they are worth it, and getting rid of them if not. It saves on wasteful recruitment, unfair dismissal claims and on the (paid) job training.

In their onslaught on “Public Sector” Jobs, the Tories are trashing Youth Services across the nation, and paying A4E to do their work, and for the Chief executive to take the £8 million bonus.]

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