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Cameron’s a Joke about Trotskyites

He is so funny – not Ha Ha – the other sort. They say that ‘Patriotism is the last resort of the Scoundrel’, but l have found that the cry of “Trotskyite” is the last resort of Conservatives, frustrated by anyone suggesting “the people” may have a view. The Conservatives made a bogey man of …

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Unpaid Work Experience Programme a “Modern form of Slavery?”

Is the Unpaid Work Experience Programme a “Modern form of Slavery?” This Question was put to the Panel of “Question Time” last night. The BBC itself says “Minister stumped over back-to-work.” None of the panel seemed to notice that not only is it Voluntary – it is – but it is also Paid. £50 …

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Youth of Today – how the Iron Lady spoilt it for them

In the early 90s, one of Maggie’s henchmen voiced the realisation dawning on the cabinet that the “Enterprise Culture” may have a lethal flaw: it kills society. Writing in the Times Education Supplement – in the dead month of August, when unfortunately few Teachers would see the free staff room copy – the cabinet member …

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The Iron Lady – my Nemesis?

Philip Roth’s was Polio, or Polio did for his hero in ‘Nemesis’. Having just read it, and now reading about Sherlock Holmes’ Moriarty, brought me to thinking of my Nemesis: The Iron Lady honestly, really, nearly ‘did’ for me. I quake at the idea of going to see “The Iron Lady”. Meryl Streep has long …

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2025 News Flash: No Antibiotics for the Promiscuous.

A STORY: Daily Planet October 7th 2015 Back-bencher Quentin Parkington was pleased his Private Member’s Bill to make people pay for treatment for ‘self-inflicted’ injury was to get a second reading. He told the Daily Planet: “Those of us who uphold Family Values are fed up with paying for the promiscuity of hundreds of thousands …

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