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Creative Writer on The Meaning of Life and the Sex that started it.

“Apple?” Thanks for Downloading – take a look around

Someone gives someone else an apple

Thanks to the 45 of you worldwide who downloaded at Amazon for Christmas – including Germany and Japan. It is a challenging read with widely mixed reviews – from ‘unreadable’ to ‘really enjoyed’ – but not enough of them.

As it is my first novel (of 5 planned – 2 others in advanced stage) I would really appreciate more constructive comments.

Even if you gave up on it part-way, please tell me what would have improved it for you.

Do email me

Take a look around this website and see if my views concur with your own – do challenge if not! It is a website with only occasional comment, rather than a blog.

The book Blurb:

WMD! Really?
Who are these three characters at Grumpy Men’s Breakfast?
Can Circus skills rehabilitate Child Soldiers in War Torn Africa?
Will I get my Sixties in my Sixties at last?

These will provide the answer to the Question “What is the meaning of Life?” Kenneth Griffin’s life anyway.

Influenced in equal measure by the piss-up of Plato’s ‘Symposium’, the campaigning humour of Indrah Sinha’s Booker shortlisted ‘Animal’s People’, and the mystery of the ‘Book of Genesis’, Kevan Pooler appeals on many levels and after a real blow to the solar plexus, readers can’t fail to be moved by the denouement.


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