Kevan Pooler

Creative Writer on The Meaning of Life and the Sex that started it.

… and how the young friar cracked it.

Narziss and Goldmund it’s not.

Hermann Hesse’s hero and alter-ego, Narziss, leaves the Monastery and leads a totally dissolute and debauched life in medieval times.

All does not go well. There is a nice cross relationship with “Apple?” where the Grumpies discuss at one point the Syphilitic plague caused by Columbus’s men.

In my cracking of the Courting Code, I started out sticking to the Moral code. This permitted very slow progress, but also enabled me to note the minutiae of the clever Courting Code and itemise it.

It was an enigma and I had no machine.

Two major pieces of Literature I identify with in this quest are “Hi Fidelity” by Nick Hornby, which was hilarious (much better than the film) and which had a sound-track as I have in “Apple?”; and “Sense of an Ending” by Julian Barnes, of which superb ‘thriller’, much more later in this category.

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