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2025 News Flash: No Antibiotics for the Promiscuous.

A STORY: Daily Planet October 7th 2015 Back-bencher Quentin Parkington was pleased his Private Member’s Bill to make people pay for treatment for ‘self-inflicted’ injury was to get a second reading. He told the Daily Planet: “Those of us who uphold Family Values are fed up with paying for the promiscuity of hundreds of thousands …

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Russian Roulette – let’s try it with three bullets

Update: Sexual Health in my area: Jan 2012 One Genito Urinary Professional treated around 2500 people for more than 16 different Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) last year. She was, however, shocked by this fact – 29,000 people in Doncaster had Chlamydia last year – 10% of the total population. So, filtering out sexually inactive, old and …

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